Pro Bowl Update

By now, many of you have learned that the National Football League (NFL) has made the decision to extend the regular NFL season by an additional week. We were originally aware of this but early reports had the league eliminating a Pre Season Game and starting the season earlier. However, the official decision was announced on March 30th that the league would add the extra week at the end of the season, thus, moving the dates for the Super Bowl. As a result of this, Super Bowl 56 is due to be contested on February 13, 2022. Our “Super Cruise” sails on February 5, 2022 and we are contractually obligated to remain with this date. We will be aboard Carnival’s MARDI GRAS and already have over 750 clients booked and eager to sail.

While initially surprised and disappointed to learn about the date change, we decided to make the best of this situation by moving forward with our plans to still offer an Entire Week of Winning and all of our unique Super Events that are the hallmarks of our Super Cruise. Because, you see, we will STILL have a football game to run our signature “Big Grid” prize pool and all of the associated gaming that generates the huge prize payouts on Super Sunday — We will be utilizing the NFL “PRO BOWL” as our featured Big Game and will refer to our sailing as the “SUPER PRO BOWL CRUISE.” For those who are football fans, you know this is often one of the more entertaining exhibition style sporting events to be held. For those unfamiliar with the NFL, the Pro Bowl is similar to other sports’ “All Star Game” where players are voted in by the fans and, therefore, all teams are represented. These games are often high scoring events where the score changes frequently. This bodes well for Super Cruisers as this means you have multiple opportunities to cash in on scoring combinations, touches and even ‘been there’ chances. It’s not unusual for odd scoring numbers to factor in to what determines winners and prize distribution.

Cruises Etc, the originator of the “Annual Super Cruise” has experience with something as serious as a date change —– after the events of Sept 11, 2001, the NFL elected to sit out a week in a show of solidarity for those in our country who were immediately impacted by the terrorist attacks. When the NFL went dark for a week in 2001, they elected to move the 2002 Super Bowl back one week. Cruises Etc was under a full ship charter contract and (like this year) unable to make a date change. The Big Grid and Super gaming events were based on the two Conference playoff games. Despite everything that went on in the prior months, the 1400+ guests that chose to sail in 2002 wanted and needed a vacation and relished the idea of sailing. Ultimately, the vacation experience of being with friends & family defined what turned out to be a hugely successful cruise.

We’re adopting the same philosophy and hope that you will too. We intend to continue promoting the Super Cruise as the best value winter vacation for you. We will have our signature gaming events and our prize distribution package is expected to top over $200,000 over the course of the week. (Naturally this can fluctuate as the participants in the group dictate the overall value of our prizes.) We will escort the group as always and be on hand onboard the ship to oversee all of our events.

We hope that you will be convinced that the Super Cruise is still a super event not to be missed and that you can count on a fabulous Carnival Cruise aboard the much-anticipated MARDI GRAS. We like you to consider the following as points and reminders when contemplating this vacation.

  • Moving the cruise date to the following week is not an option – despite our theme being held around a sporting event, the NFL decision cannot and will not alter our contracted arrangements.
  • The Pro Bowl is a fun and entertaining event — in fact, your favorite players are likely going to be in the game (unless they actually qualify to play in the Super Bowl!) We want to further turn this into a positive in that you can wear your favorite team jerseys to represent your fandom while onboard! Sports fans across the country are known for their enthusiastic and vocal support for their teams – it will be fun to see how many teams are represented during the game.
  • Sometimes, if your home team is not represented in the “big game”– fans aren’t always seriously interested in the game’s outcome – with the Pro Bowl marketed as a fun and entertaining event that showcases the most popular players, even casual fans want to watch. We expect the NFL to really showcase the Pro Bowl and all of the associated events surrounding it — it will be held at the brand new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas (home of the Raiders) and you can depend on it being a terrific host – in that special way that a $1.9 billion stadium can!
  • Folks rarely say “I have to watch the Super Bowl – that’s the main reason I’m booking a cruise” It’s more likely that they are keen on booking a cruise FIRST, and the added bonus of the Super Bowl is, as some have said to us “icing on the cake.” Die-hard football fans will still take the cruise, return home and watch the game from the comfort of their own living room or at their favorite pub. If you fall into this example, consider that you’ll have the opportunity to share in all of the Super Events of the Super Cruise week AND you’ll be home in time for your individual Super Bowl plans.

We hope that you will still want to sail on the unique & innovative brand-new Carnival MARDI GRAS. Believe it or not, prime cabin availability is becoming limited. We suggest that you speak with your preferred Travel Consultant who will review booking options with you. It will be our pleasure to welcome you to the group!


– The Super Cruise Team