Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page. Kindly take a few moments to read over these popular questions and our answers. You’ll probably find many of your own queries addressed here. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with current policies. We also encourage you to visit the comprehensive website where many other questions are addressed. You will see that we refer to the Royal Caribbean site frequently, they have a very informative site with lots of helpful information, pre-cruise preparation, life onboard, pictures, videos, etc. There’s so much available information that we couldn’t possibly list it all. So please become familiar with the site, sign up to be a registered user, and begin getting ready for your experience on SYMPHONY OF THE SEAS and the 2024 Super Cruise! For convenience purposes, we may refer to Royal Caribbean International as “Royal”.

What does my Super Cruise Fare Include?

Your cruise fare includes shipboard accommodations, ocean transportation, meals*, non-alcoholic beverages*, onboard entertainment, and associated fees applicable at the time of booking. Not included are items that are of personal nature including but not limited to: gratuities, shore excursions, airfare, optional transfers, telephone calls WiFi service, spa treatments, salon services, photographs, laundry services. *There is a surcharge for meals at the reservations-only specialty restaurant, gourmet coffee drinks at the ship’s specialty coffee bar. Soda pop is not included complimentary a Soft Drink-Beverage Card (Bottomless Bubbles) is available for purchase directly on-board which provides unlimited fountain dispensed soft drinks. An inclusive Beverage program for Alcoholic Beverages is also available. Visit Royal’s Website for more complete details and pricing for beverage packages)

Self-service beverage stations are available for complimentary coffee, tea, lemonade, iced tea, non-carbonated beverages, etc. (On Lido Deck buffet) Self-service ice cream stations are also available complimentary. Your Super Cruise Fare also includes your participation in all Super Cruise group-related activities, private parties, squares on the Big Grid, etc. Our group activities, amenities, and events are exclusive to our group members. Guests who book independent of the Super Cruise will not be included in these group exclusives. Super Cruisers sometimes have friends who choose not to book with us. Please note that these friends cannot be permitted to attend group functions nor may they participate in group events such as sideboard sales, daily ding dong, LCR, cocktail parties, etc. They also will not be cross-referenced to dine with our group.

When should I book my reservation?

We are actively accepting reservations now! As long as we have cabins available, we will continue to sell them. Past Super Cruises have sold out as early as summertime. We encourage you to book as soon as you know that you plan to sail with us. Certain cabin categories (suites and balconies especially) tend to sell out quickly. As we assign cabin numbers in the order in which you book, preferred locations are assigned to those who book early. Waiting until the last minute is not a good idea; rates are rarely lower in the last couple of weeks before the sailing date.

What forms of payment are accepted for my cruise?

Royal Caribbean accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. Card charges will be made by Royal Caribbean. On the cruise ship, Royal accepts the credit cards listed here.

Using Debit cards on the ship: please verify with your bank what your transaction limit is per day. Some banks have a “security” setting on your account where you may not exceed a particular dollar amount per day. You may not even be aware that these security settings are in place. Contact your bank to make sure that your account does not have restrictions on it or you may run into difficulty onboard the ship.

What identification do I need for travel?

It is recommended that U.S. citizens carry a valid Passport for sea travel. Currently, you may also travel with an original State-Issued Birth Certificate (no photocopies!) plus Driver’s License (or other state/government-issued photo I.D.) In cases of married persons whose names have changed: you should have a Passport in your married name OR carry a copy of your marriage license or other documents showing your change of name. If in doubt, it’s best to have a Passport. Non-U.S. Citizens must carry a passport from their country of citizenship plus any necessary visas. The U.S. State Department website has the most up to date information; please refer to It is the passenger’s responsibility to have the correct documentation. If you are denied boarding the ship for reasons of ‘lack of correct identification’ you will be denied boarding with NO REFUND! Cruises Etc cannot override this mandate.

This is the exact wording from the State Dept website concerning traveling without a Passport via cruise ship:

Closed-Loop Cruises: If you are a U.S. citizen, and you board a cruise ship at a U.S. port, travel only within the Western Hemisphere, and return to the same U.S. port on the same ship, you may present government-issued photo identification, along with proof of citizenship (an original or certified copy of your birth certificate,a Consular report of Birth Abroad, or a Certificate of Naturalization). Please be aware that you may still be required to present a passport to enter the foreign countries your cruise ship is visiting. Check with your cruise line to ensure you have the appropriate documents.

Birth Abroad, or a Certificate of Naturalization). Please be aware that you may still be required to present a passport to enter the foreign countries your cruise ship is visiting. Check with your cruise line to ensure you have the appropriate documents.

Will you book my airline flights?

Often, the rates that a cruise line secures are not better than what travelers may obtain by booking independently. It is recommended that, as soon as you are able to research air options, you secure the best air schedule that fits your needs. Most airlines publish their schedules approximately eleven months prior to your travel dates (both outbound and return) but other airlines may not populate their schedules until six or four months in advance. Please use your best judgment to reserve flights of your choice.

When will I receive my cabin number and booking number?

It is recommended that you take advantage of booking early and securing your preferred cabin locations. We are capable of confirming your cabin number shortly after you make your initial reservations. This will help ensure that your preferred location is available. This is particularly important for those with special location requests – if you consider these areas as premium, many others will too. In some cases, we may have to book a “TBA” cabin which means your cabin number will be assigned at a later date. But don’t worry! You will have a booking number and cabin number before you sail! Bear in mind that friends booking later than when you make your booking may not be in the same location.

What if I have to Cancel my Cruise Vacation?

Cancellations Charges are based on the date of Cancellation and are as follows. Please
note that terms & conditions, including cancellation & change fees, for Large Groups DIFFER than those for individual reservations!

After deposit, cancellations (for any reason) made up to April 30, 2023: $50 per person Administrative Fee.

Cancellations between May 1 and August 1, 2023 = $100 per person fee
Cancellations between August 2 and September 30, 2023 = $200 per person fee

Cancellations between October 1 and November 16, 2023 = $250 per person fee
Cancellations between November 17 and December 11, 2023 = 50% of total cabin

Cancellations after December 12, 2023 = No Refund

***** CHANGE FEES: $15 fee for first change to booking; (Changes consist of but are
not limited to: roommate change; cabin/category change, name changes beyond minor
spelling corrections)

*****LATE PAYMENTS: Due to the size of our group, collecting payments is a huge
undertaking. Late payments present a problem for us as an agency. The final payment
date is FIRM. Extensions to this date cannot be approved.