All Super Cruise Group Staterooms are included in the Super Cruise Pool and Super Sunday Funday Party with Prizes ranging from $750 to…

Grand Prize winner of $20,000!

You need to “Be There or Be Without a Square” 

Actual Game Score

1st Quarter$1,500
3rd Quarter$4,500
Final Score$20,000

Reverse Score

1st Quarter$750
3rd Quarter$2,250
Final Score$7,000

$4,800 “Been There” Pool

$1,200 split evenly each quarter to the square(s) with a score that did not win the
quarter. 0-0 starts the pool and is the first score. No score in a quarter would result
in the $1,200 being added to the actual score quarter-winner.

$11,200 “Touch-Ups”

Sixteen (16) $700 Prizes will be awarded to the four squares that are touching the
winning 1st Qtr., 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr., & Final Score squares… On Official Game Score, NOT

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